Friday, March 2, 2012

Lights! Glamour! Action! Pittsburgh's Oscar Party

Eight weeks after giving birth I suckered my husband into staying home with our two toddlers and an infant to attend the Pittsburgh Film Office’s Oscar Gala Light! Glamour! Action!

Thanks to my new shapewear collection from Yummie Tummie I fit into my girlfriend’s red gown since the buzz was that red was the this year's color. Because I am Miss Shorty and she is 5’11’’ I wore the 6” Target platforms I snagged while shopping for a birthday present for my daughter’s friend. Glittery pumps have made its way from drag queen to runway. I wanted the sparkly Miu Miu ankle booties last season, but was afraid to make the investment for a pair of shoes I would worship and never wear.

As I ran around the house with an infant latched to my bosom, throwing on every piece of glam jewelry I own I imagined my acceptance speech for the future film “Accidental Mama.” In my reoccurring fantasy I give birth backstage after the excitement of breaking my water while accepting the Oscar for best original screenplay. This was a reprieve from the nightmare of moving to the suburbs that has been disturbing my psyche lately. My limo has turned into a minivan, literally.

My husband Patrick stayed at home with the children so I arrived solo to Clubhouse Section at Heinz Field. My good friend Tara Rieland coordinated a Super Heroes themed fashion show after the party’s theme. Local salons glamorously interpreted super heroes.

Stephanie Marie’s buxom Wonder Woman was a hit and I loved it because I secretly imagined her as a Super Hero Wet Nurse. I could use one of those sometimes.

There was a lot of burgeoning talent in the crowd that came out to celebrate the success of Pittsburgh’s movie industry. One of the catalysts for the success was caught mingling, Chris Breakwell of 31st Street Studios. His Hollywood guests were in town for a press conference that took place the next day on Monday.

All parts of the industry came out to celebrate movie’s biggest night. On Set Dresser Mamie Stein came in pretty striped dress. Docherty Model Breanne White came out in her prom dress that she bought at e.b.pepper.

While I still had my lashes on thanks to Katherine Reel, I was going to find some more mommies in the house. Theresa Gaugler and Denise Mueller from modeling agency Wilhelmina made it out in their matching Jimmy Choo shoes. What struck me was the Donna Karen clad mom Theresa had five children at home. She was happy that the oldest could now babysit for her.

I found one very pregnant woman MaryAnn McBride who was 35 weeks into her fourth pregnancy. She is in her second surrogate pregnancy, God bless her. I am not a happy pregnant person, nope I am not. I think I might strangle my husband if I get pregnant again. Nice way to end my Oscar Party story with a death threat.

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